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How does diversity drive creativity, innovation, technology and design? We invite you to an unforgettable journey to explore this question.

For the first time ever, the same approach that became the “signature experience for all Nike teams around the world” and that was used throughout The Walt Disney Company, Volvo, the United Nations and countless other organizations has become available to the public.

This 2.5 hour transformational experience will give you the language, skills and tools to radically change how you think about the value of diversity. It is not just about our biases or our tolerance—it is about how we aggressively need to seek out diversity to stay on the cutting edge.

The need for innovation has never been greater and the discussion around diversity has never been more relevant or urgent. Become a force of change—this session is a first step.

The session is open for anyone who wishes to understand how diversity drives creativity and innovation: business, education, government, students, entrepreneurs and many more. 

We started the movement in Manhattan this summer and we welcome you to join us at a future session. Future locations and dates to come.



After a successful launch in New York in June 2017, we will be scheduling more public workshops across the country. Stay tuned for future dates and locations.